Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Come back several days later please! Ugh, I'm so sick and tired of the rain, makes the house all gloomy and totally doesn't make me want to be motivated in the cleaning department! Lols, well wait a second what am I saying, I'll take any excuse to not be motivated to clean latley. But the rain fits my gloomy mood the past few days. A girl I went to high school with had her 2nd little boy October 31st and I got news this week that on Tuesday, November 11th he passed away. He was diagnosed with Hirschsprung's Disease which occurs when some of the nerve cells that are normally present in the intestine do not form properly while a baby is developing during pregnancy. My heart breaks and goes out to her and her family. I know the process I have to go through with miscarriages, I can't even imagine everything she's going through right now. Please say a prayer for the D family.

I was pretty productive yesterday in getting ready for Mamarazzi's Favorite Things Swap. I went shopping for all of my goodies Thursday night and spent yesterday afternoon wrapping it all. I hope my partner loves some of the stuff that I love. Here's a picture of all of the goodies.


And almost two years ago after Christmas I bought two big wreaths and all of the trimmings to decorate them. The crafting bug has hit me for holiday goodness so called my mom up at work last night and said that when I get off I'd be picking them up to do this weekend. Instead she offered to help so went there when I got off and here are the end results. Of course the picture doesn't really do them justice, but the colors are burgandy and gold and I'm very pleased wih my first time doing a wreath. Here's a picture taken last night when I got home.


Ok, I must wrap this up so that I can get some cleaning done around here so when the hubs gets home from work this afternoon he won't think I just bummed around the whole day. Happy Saturday everyone!


Mamarazzi said...

oooooooooh all of the pretty PINK packages, your swap partner is going to be soooo excited!!

Deann said...

My prayers are going up for her and her family :(

Your partner will LOVE all the goodies!!

I love the wreaths! I used to have some like that but they got trashed in one of our moves...I'm planning to make a big one this year for above the fireplace...hopefully it turns out as good as yours!!!

Deann said...
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marina said...

we get our share of rain in Costa Rica, but as it sounds you were quite productive on the home front:)
Have a great weekend, gave you shout out on our blog:)
MuchaCostaRica Round-Up

Jamie said...

Ooo la la...love that wrapping paper & can't wait to get it :-) I gotta get my stuff wrapped up too...yippee!