Nursery *Progress*

I hope everyone who was affected by Irene had no major damage and your power is back on!  We lost our power on Sunday for about 13 hrs and made MAJOR progress on the nursery.  Unfortunately, my cell phone wasn’t charged so I was unable to get pictures, but this is what I have.

Here’s a before – excuse the craziness of this shot, this was when we were working on our new Master, but you get an idea of wall color/curtains etc.

2011-08-24 09.37.59

The in-laws came over Sunday to help us, while my parents took the girls’ (as they never lost power) so we could work. 

The carpet was torn out – only to reveal that the hardwood floors under this rooms carpet were never finished.  They are smooth to the touch, but still need a light sanding as there is joint compound all over as they were messy.  And thankfully, the Hubs found a water based finish, so the smell should be minimal.
We also got the ceiling/trim/upper portion of the room painted and the Hubs patched a hole in the wall from where our tv hung.

2011-08-31 13.48.11

Here you can get a peak at what I’m talking about above with the floors.

2011-08-31 13.48.33

2011-08-31 14.40.51

I went around this afternoon and did any necessary touch-ups on the wall color and painted down closer to the paneling that the Hubs actually finished installing tonight.  He is 3/4’s of the way done with the top molding and then the shoe molding will need installed. 

Will have an update on the rest of the room next week, as the goal is to be done by next week!

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Amber - Binkertation said...

YAY - LOVE the color - the nursery's coming along and you are looking gorgeous, Mama!