Cell Phoneagraphy–Wk 4

Normally, I post these collages on Mondays, but realized there’s another one called InstaFriday floating around as well, so will be changing these to Friday’s, even though this is technically being posted on Sat.  Click here to check out Amy’s link-up, or click on this button - life rearranged

Recently Updated

1. Girls attacking Daddy.
2. Emma posing in her new shirt from Mimi & Pappy – oh so true!
3. It doesn’t fail, if Avalynn is snacking on something she insists on climbing up in my lap to lounge and eat.
4. Pedicure time!
5. Girls’ were having tons of fun playing.
6. Avalynn was content playing with this laundry basket for at least an hour, she then decided it’d be a good chair.
7. Girls’ muching on our popcorn cake ingredients *recipe to come next week*.
8. Popcorn cake all finished.
9. Oldest munching on dessert during movie night.

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