Cell Phoneagraphy–Wk 7

 life rearranged

2011-08-25 003

1. This is the best Emma got of us before my mom and me spent approximately 13 hrs, husking/cooking/cutting/bagging up 25 dozen corn = 58 bags of corn that we froze to last us until next year. 
2. Emma helping husk.
3. She took a picture of her knee scrape, my clutzy little girl tripped walking.
4. Lounging in the pool for a little.
5. Avalynn loves eating popsicles herself now.
6.  Which means immediate bath time afterwards.
7. The girls’ enjoying some good ole’ country music video’s one morning.
8 & 9. This was a big chunk the Hubs days off this week – painting!
10. Avalynn is such a mommy’s girl, where ever I’m sitting, she seriously squishes herself all the way against me.
11.  My little sister graduated from YTI last night!  Congratulations Sissy-poo!
12. After graduation swung by the grocery store and saw these Little Debbie treats on the shelves, this made one pregnant momma even more happy!!!  Yummy!


Amber - Binkertation said...

Your room transformations are looking awesome and I LOVE those pumpkin Lil' Debbie treats - takes me back to like middle school. YUM

Deann said...

Love the pics!! Congrats to you sister!