Cell Phoneagraphy – Week 3

2011-08-01 001

1. Emma and I at Port Discovery in Baltimore, MD.
2. Eric and Avalynn going down a slide at Port Discovery.
3. Painting beds from Ikea for the girls’ room.
4. Emma’s flowers are blooming.
5. Painted until 11:30pm.
6. Daddy being the tickle monster.
7. Corn on the Cob – so yummy!
8. Bump shot.
9. Emma drawing with her new wipeable crayons.
10. Needed a mood lift, did some Sally Hansen nail strips.
11. Girls’ new joint room all cleaned out and re-organzied.
12. Shot of their beds with their new matching bedding. 

I’m linking up with Amy, here.


Amber - Binkertation said...

oh my gosh - the girls' room is SO CUTE!!!! I love your nails too - never heard of nail strips, but will have to check it out I guess. :)

Myya said...

Love the new joint room, I bet the girls will have lots & LOTS of nighttime chat sessions trying not to fall asleep in there :)

LOOOVE the baby bump shot. You look great!