The Sock Bun “Curl”

Last week on Pinterest I saw a picture of a lady with long hair and some gorgeous loose curls, all supposedly from a sock bun.  I had pinned said picture but for some reason a bunch of my pins that day didn’t take – boo!  So, I went to youtube to see if I could find more instruction.

Idea being that you pull your dry hair in a high pony tail.  Take a sock with the toes cut off, that you’ve already rolled into a donut shape.  Spray hair so it is slightly damp and then you roll/wrap your hair around the sock until you get it to the base of your ponytail. 

Here’s the before, my hair all sock bunned, and the after.  And this was really comfy to sleep in, and held in great! 
2011-08-12 001

As you can see it gave me some more wave on the bottom but that was all.  Next time I try it think I’ll split it into two buns because my hair is incredibly thick and will try dampening my hair a little more. 

Have you ever tried any no heat curling methods?  What’s worked for you?  So far everything I’ve tried has been a no go, which = total bummer for me!

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