My Plate is Heaping

with so much to do and take care of before Baby B's arrival in 31 days, probably minus 7 days as am sure they'll be inducing again.

Had my last bi-weekly check-up yesterday at 35 weeks and when the good ole' Dr. measured the belly, he said I was measuring at 40!  Um, say what?!  Last appt, I jumped 2 weeks ahead of what I should have been, and now I'm at 5!  No wonder I'm feeling whale-ish the past couple weeks.  I go for a size ultrasound in 2 weeks, which of course is only an estimate + or - 1lb, and they can't guarantee the accuracy.

To top it off, we decided to take on our 2nd floor.  The poor Hubs, I have every day he's off scheduled out on exactly what we're to accomplish, house wise!!!

Our Done List:
- Joined Emma and Avalynn into one bedroom.
- Sold or Donated any furniture we do not need anymore.
- De-carpeted main part of the stairs.
- Tore out carpeting in A's old nursery.
- Painted ceiling/trim/walls in A's old nursery.
- Clean up floor and put down polish.
- Installed ceiling fan.
- Moved our bed into our *new* room.

To Do:
- Ikea shopping trip - Pick-up remaining items needed for our room and some things for Baby B's room
- Finish ripping carpet off stair ends.
- Sand and relay the top and bottom landing of stair well.
- Paint treads, banister, & railing white.
- Tear carpet out of B's nursery.
- Paint ceiling and walls in nursery.
- Install bead board in nursery.
- Clean up the hardwoods and put down polish in nursery.
- Set up nursery.
- Make B's crib bedding and finish quilt. *in progress*
- Re-cover carseat. *in progress*
- Make new boppy cover.

Not only was I feeling stressed about our To Do list before, but after yesterday's Dr's appt - needless to say stress went through the roof.

And then when I signed on today to read through my daily reads, I read this on my friend Amber's blog. Needless to say, it was a great reminder for me and hopefully you'll find it a good one for you as well!



Ellen said...

You are certainly busy...sounds like a lot left to do, but I am sure you will get it all done! Hoping/praying every thing gets done and you have a smooth delivery!

Amber - Binkertation said...

wow Mama - you have SO much on your plate, so I'm glad my post hit home with you. Now more than ever, you need to kick back, enjoy your girls, and just give yourself a little break - life will be always be busy, but those tasks can (mostly!) wait :)

Deann said...

I agree with Amber...you deserve a break! Look at what all you have gotten done...that is a lot! The rest will get done, but I do know it is stressful!!