Two Girls Sharing a Room

2 weeks ago, the Hubs and I spent 3 days working on combining bedrooms, the youngest was being moved up to the oldest’s room.  This included an Ikea trip, painting furniture, going through everything in the room, and getting rid of old furniture. 

It’s been an adjustment as both of my girls’ are not late sleepers, I mean that 6:30am is the normal wake-up time.  But now, it seems a couple times a week one of them wakes the other up before 6.  Thankfully, now they can entertain each other so I try and not to get out of bed until 6:30, some days they just aren’t having that though. 

Now for some pictures, these were all taken with my cell phone, and I don’t have a true before, we were already started by the time I thought to take room pics.

First up we have some pics of painting the beds.  We primed them twice with Kilz Primer and they only needed one coat of an oil based white paint I had used last year for our dining room furniture. 

2011-07-26 10.05.16

2011-07-26 22.35.15

Going through everything in her room.  And if you notice the brown hand swipes on the chimney, it’s not what you are thinking it is.  Around Easter this year, we went through a phase of the oldest sneaking chocolate in her room and she decided it’d be fun to smear it on the walls, def. NOT my idea of fun!

2011-07-27 10.08.59

2011-07-27 11.31.39

2011-07-27 11.31.56

Ah – and the after pics. Freshly painted chimney.  Tons of storage filled with things so it’s out of site and the toys have been purged, as we have birthdays and Christmas in the next few months, I knew I had to make some room.

2011-08-01 15.52.34

2011-08-01 15.52.47

2011-08-01 15.53.00

When the youngest is out of the crib, we’ll actually be making a cubby system against that railing and also creating a BIG magnetic chalkboard for the girls’, DIY of course! 

Overall, am SO happy with how everything turned out! 

Here’s the breakdown on cost:
IKEA – $350 – 2 bed frames, the 3 tier bin system plus bins
Bedding – $115 – 2 sets of sheets, comforters, pillows, and 1 mattress pad, all Target – thank you college dorm sales right now!
Paint – $0 – For the beds and chimney.
But we sold her wicker bed set and a children’s table on craigslist for a total of $245.
Total: $465 – $245 = $220!

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