Cell Phoneagraphy–Wk 5

life rearranged

This week – had so many pics, divided them up in different collages.

2011-08-08 002

The youngest nursery is being over-hauled into our new Master, mainly b/c there is a half bath attached to that room, but our king sized bed would never fit, and then we decided to eliminate the only closet we really have.
1 & 2 – Before pics
3 – Demo time.
4 – Once the closet was out, we realized there was decent looking hardwood floors.  I got pretty excited as we were orig. planning on just replacing the carpet.  Basically, they just need a good scrubbing, no sanding and re staining like we had to do on the 1st floor last year.
5 & 6 – Demo stuff cleared away, look at all of that extra space.
7 – The start of tearing out the carpet.
8 – The Hubs working his way down the steps, these need some TLC and can’t wait to really get into them after the Master and Baby B’s nursery is done. 
9 – Shot of the steps uncovered.

2011-08-09 001

1 – Miss A brushing her teeth, she loves standing on the stool and rinsing her toothbrush (excuse the very very outdated bathroom (complete with a pink sink and toilet) this is seriously the only thing that hasn’t been re-done, perhaps in 2012?)
2 – That blur of fur is SIL’s baby, the girls were having fun with her, while SIL came over for the day to occupy the girls so the Hubs and I could work on some house stuff.
3 – Emma trying on Daddy’s motorcycle helmet.
4 – Aunt Sam cutting Emma’s hair – 4-5 inches are no longer on that head.  Seriously, I’m loving that the whining has stopped when asked to brush her hair and tangles.
5 & 6 – After pics of the new ‘do!
7 – Daddy and his girls’
8 – The youngest had on her 1st dress up dress – she loved it, here they are dancing.
9 – Girls’ sharing some oreo’s, and unfortunately my phone was too slow so that was the tail end of the youngest “cheese” face.

2011-08-11 001

1 & 2 – Thank you Giant grocery rewards for $1.70 off per gallon!
3 & 4 – Making a double batch of chicken corn soup, yummy!!!  I got 7 containers frozen for easy lunches/dinners after Baby B’s arrival.
5 – Oops, didn’t realize I had used that in the previous collage, mommy/prego brain lapse?!
6 – My attempt at the no heat way to curl your hair with a sock bun, although it cut off weird on here.  Will share next week more about this.


jessica dukes said...

your phone takes awesome pictures, good luck on the remodel! :-)

jeands said...

would love to try making chicken corn soup.

good luck to your renovation.

visiting from insta-friday, life rearranged.


Deann said...

Love, love all the pics!!! I can't wait to see the finished room!! The girls are adorable as always!!