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Wow – can’t believe I’ve been doing this for 2 months already!  Am loving the snippets of everyday life I’ve been able to document during this time. Now for this weeks breakdown.

1. The girls’ with their Mimi and Great Aunt Laura in the pool celebrating their Na-Na’s college graduation.
2. My sister cheesing with her ice cream cake.
3. Day of running errands and picked up the Gyro bowl for the youngest, love not picking up spilled snacks all the time!
4.  It’s official the oldest has been moved to the 3rd row.  Getting her comfortable back their buckling herself before B arrives.
5. Day at the outlets getting all 3 girls’ some clothes for the fall.  And if you have an OshKosh near buy, run there!!!  Having amazing deals, spent $69, saved $141 – some of their good deals were buy 1 long sleeve tee, get 2 FREE, clearance is 60% off and then take an additional 30% off. 
6. Miss A decided to climb on top of the tv while I was out in the kitchen.
7.  Baking some chocolate & peanut butter chip cookies for my Uncle and the Hubs.
8. 36 wks 4 day bump shot.
9.  Yum, slice of peanut butter pie.
10. A had her arm around each of us and tried to get a photo, then A saw herself in the screen and you can see E’s hand trying to push A out of the way – ah, sisters!
11. Finally sat down, aka - crawled around on the floor A LOT, while figuring out how to re-cover the bumper we had with A, SO happy with the fabrics.  And it’s hard to get the bump out of the shot when taking photos on the floor.
12.  The Hubs is amazing and after working a 12 hr day, spent some time with the girls’ before their bedtime and then worked on finishing the trim in B’s room until 10pm! 


Lauren said...

Such great pictures. Looks like you had a great week. I'm visiting for the first time from Life Rearranged. Have a great weekend.

likeschocolate said...

Looks like a baby is coming to your house soon. Congratulations!