Friday Confessions


I confess... the oldest hasn't even been in school for 1 week, and as of yesterday the youngest has a runny nose and is sneezing.

I confess... For the past week I haven't been able to sleep in our bed at all.  I'm now sleeping on the recliner as the hip/pelvic pain is too severe, not worth it to even try laying down.  I miss my bed so much!

I confess... Between 1-3am, I normally wake up wide awake.  Last night I actually slept all night, so thought for sure tonight would be the same, except like mentioned above youngest is not feeling well, so I keep hearing her toss/turn/moan through the monitor and her Leap Frog dog must be near her b/c I keep hearing "ruff ruffing" noises and "Good Night Little Monkey".

I confess...the oldest is going to be a pleasure later today I'm sure with her interrupted sleep.

I confess...I can just hear the meltdowns coming my way later today.

I confess... The weather today dropped down to the 60's and I get to finally put the girls in some of their new wardrobe.

I confess... Fall is my favorite time of the year!



VandyJ said...

During my last pregnancy, the couch was the most comfortable place to sleep because it supported my back and hips way better than the bed did. What ever get you the most sleep works. Hope you don't have too many meltdowns to deal with today.

Chell said...

Fall is my most favorite time of the year, also!

Megan Harmeyer said...

I slept on the couch more during my pregnancy than any other time - partly because of my hips and partly because the hubs snores like a chainsaw. LOL I hope your little girl didn't give you too much trouble today. I love Fall - such a great time of year for so many reasons.

Happy weekend!