Final Pregnancy Post

It's official - Miss Brynlee will be here in the next 96 hours at the latest!  Squeee - I can't believe the time is so close and literally upon us, only 2 days before I head to the hospital Monday morning for the gel.

Are we ready for #3?  Everything is done for her arrival here at home, room done, meals are cooked and in the freezer for that 1st week home, plans are made with family members to take off and help watch the girls' and me once I'm home and the Hubs is back to work.  I just can't wrap my head around there being a 3rd bundle of joy here, and I how I'll get to witness the bond my 3 girls will have, just watching E & A now my heart swells with joy watching them together.  I know now after my youngest how your heart just expands to make more room to love the new addition so am not worried about any of that.  :o)  My oldest will transition well with another baby, she did great with the youngest.  Now the youngest on the other hand, I'm worried as she is such a Mommy girl, it's beyond ridiculous, if she sees the oldest sitting on my lap or snuggling, she is right there throwing a fit, trying to squeeze herself on my lap and push her sister off.

I've been feeling pretty crampy and having BH's all week, each day the crampy feeling lasting longer and longer.  I would LOVE to go in labor on my own, especially since this is our last baby.  I was holding out for my Mani/Pedi last night, but now that appt has passed.  This video is floating around my birth board and I showed it to the oldest.  Our plans today besides cleaning the whole house is to do this fun little dance and whatever other dancing to get Miss B moving.

Please take a moment to watch this, she is so adorable with her accent and it literally cracks me up harder and harder every time I watch it, esp. thinking of doing it 9 months pregnant.

Since this is our last, I've been thinking of what I'll be glad to never have to do again b/c of Pregnancy, here's my list:

- Those appt pee in a cups.  Granted it's not a big deal, except for the fact that I have to remember where I put said cup, esp. when it's just monthly appts, and then to remember the night before my appt to make sure it's out so I remember to do my thing.
- Taking Glucose tests, between having to drink it for early detection of GD and then during the regular time when  you should, so glad to be done with that!
- Hip/Pelvic Pain - with each pregnancy this got worse, and there's absolutely no laying on my side, b/c getting out of bed, I literally feel like I'm 80 years old and my hips will pop out of joint.
- I know the Hubs won't miss some of my crazy emotions! ;o)

As the Hubs and I close on this chapter in our lives and marriage it makes me a little sad and excited all at the same time.  We are blessed with this big family, after several trials, to create our family.  As sad as it'll be to go through my last first's with B, I look forward to just raising our kids and enjoying the differences of leaving babyhood/toddler hood to them being kids'.


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Ellen said...

That video was so funny! Poor lady, hopefully she had that baby shortly thereafter!