1st Day of PreK

The Oldest misses the kindergarten cut-off by 29 days.  When she was a baby, this is something that stressed me out, but now am honestly glad she’ll be one of the older kids in her class. 

Today was her 1st day of PreK and I didn’t lose it like I thought I would crying. :o)

Now for some pictures of her this a.m.

2011-09-12 07.44.11

2011-09-12 08.04.23

2011-09-12 09.13.44


McKenzie said...

Hope she had a great first day of PreK!

Deann said...

You will definitely be glad she is one of the older ones!!! She looks so happy...hope her day was great!!!

Myya said...

All 3 of my girls are like that too. I'm sure they will love getting thier license before everyone else LOL :)

Looks like a fun morning for you little one. She is adorable!

Amber - Binkertation said...

My kids will be on the younger side and it's something I stress about - I think we stress as Mamas no matter what! Hope her 1st day went great - she looks super happy.