Cell Phoneagraphy

I have a bunch of randoms from the past 2 weeks since I haven’t been great about doing those posts.  I wanted to get these on the blog before Miss B’s arrival this coming week! :o)

Recently Updated7
- Miss A with her first double ponytail.
- The Oldest doing one of her favorite things – coloring!

Recently Updated9
- I love that they love one another so much!
- Coloring together, both cheesing it up!

Recently Updated6
- Emma at her meet the teacher day.
- Avalynn was smiling big so we could send a photo to the Hubs to brighten his work day.

Recently Updated8
- Shot of Philadelphia.
- The back of the van loaded up with our Ikea purchases!

Recently Updated3
- The Hubs and Miss A on his new bike.
- She had so much fun playing on this box.

Recently Updated4
- The Hubs’ and girls before heading to church.
- Here’s probably one of my last belly shots – 39 weeks!

2011-09-18 13.20.38
- BFF, her little man, me and the girls’ at the luncheon for his Baptism. 

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