What I Learned This Weekend - 2nd Edition

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Mine has been pretty up & down, just like any other day I suppose.

Here's What I Learned This Weekend...

1. Getting up @ 3am for Black Friday shopping was pretty much a bust.  Unless there's an absolute AMAZING deal that will be gone asap, I am no longer going out that early.
2. Stay far far FAR away from Target until later in the day, we stopped in there around 6 am (2 hours after they opened) and the lines completely wrapped around the store, we promptly left and came back after 1pm - MUCH BETTER and faster, 2 people were in each line and they still had plenty of their good merchandise deals!
3. I'm completely capable to be awake for 22 hours after only 4 hours of sleep the previous night.
4.  True friends make everything better - enjoyed a great evening with the Nace's, playing cards and chatting & lots of giggling from us ladies, until midnight.
5. Speaking of friendships, I came to the realization that I'm done being the only person making an attempt.
6.  I like to think I'm a great friend and person and if they don't want to know this part of me, then it's their loss, I can't force more to happen.
7.  I don't like afterthought invites - they make me feel cruddy!
8.   Teething is EVIL when it comes to Avalynn - my poor baby is in such pain, and she speed crawls to us as soon as she sees the ibuprofen dropper, she loves her feel better meds!
9.  Making snowflakes with the oldest and then it starts flurrying outside is the best!
10.  Toll House, Brownie Bites (in the refrigerated section of the grocery store), seriously ROCK MY WORLD!
11.  Saturday was a meltdown day, 3 of them just on my part - I honestly can't remember the last time I cried, it was much needed and I feel better!
12.  Naps for everyone in the house makes everything better.
13.  Emma is a follower when around other kids.
14.  I don't like this, as it tends to be the kids who aren't the best behaved.
15.  Avalynn is finding her voice.
16.  It's amazing how loud the girls' volume gets when they are playing together, and this is with Avalynn not even really talking.
17.  I for see lots and lots of loud, rowdy, giggling days ahead in our future - this makes me happy to think of the relationship they will have!



Amber said...

aww - fun weekend for the most part, Kat! I was at Target on Black Friday around 7:30am and it was okay here - crowded, but I got right in line! Mmm those brownie bites sound amazing - how have I not had those? Love to hear about your girls playing together - so sweet!

Kat said...

So luck with your Target - I think we would have still be standing in line by that time! And you need to try the brownie bites, I hadn't seen them before - but YUMMY!