Happy 10 Months Avalynn!

Baby Girl - 

Wow, you are 10 months old officially!  This past month has been lots of fun, just like each previous one.  

You are waving like a pro now.  Daddy will hit his hand and hold it out to you and you smack it like a "high" or rather low five.  You are really cruising the furniture and are speed crawling lately - it seems.  In the past week you'll stand next to our foot stool and push it while walking & you walk if we hold your hands.  You still aren't standing alone though, so I have a feeling it's going to be a little bit before you're walking by yourself.  

You say DaDa a lot and Daddy sometimes.  And you've started to say Mama too!  I couldn't be more thrilled.  It's usually when you are tired and hungry though, but I'll take it any way it comes - it's one of the best sounds coming from you.  You are signing for milk when you are hungry, just another one of the many cute things you do!  

You are still sleeping through the night, except for this past week.  You are finally working on those teeth that have just been sitting there ready to pop through.  Overnight seems to be the worse time for you to sleep, we give you ibuprofen before bed. I've never seen someone come over so fast as you do, when you see the dropper and bottle come out.  You get rather mad at us when we take the dropper away, we even let you have it one night to sleep with (minus the rubber end and cleaned out, of course!).  

You follow your sissy all the time and want to play with whatever she's playing with.   You like playing with your little people bus and will sit there pushing it back and forth.  Oh - and if there's a basket of clean clothes sitting around, you will find clean socks and pull them out.  You love chewing on them.  You even will bite the end of a sock and then start crawling with it swinging from your mouth, we call you our little puppy, it's just so adorable to see!  

You LOVE bath time!  As soon as we push the shower curtain back and start the water you are speed crawling to the bathroom.  You love standing beside the tub and pushing the cups and toys in as it fills up.  You love playing with the water as it comes out of the faucet and don't mind the water being poured over your head (such a difference between your sister and you!).  After you are dressed you love to come back in and stand beside the tub bouncing on your legs and making "oooooo" noises as your sissy gets bathed.  

You are eating table food like a champ and enjoyed your 1st Thanksgiving meal this week.  You especially loved all of the desserts.  Your favorite foods are hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and any of the gerber graduate ravioli's.  We can't give it to you fast enough before it's in your mouth.  You are still in 12 month clothing but we're starting to buy 18 month sizes because some of your 12 month clothes are getting a little snug.  We just moved you up to size 4 diapers.  

I look forward to the next month and all of the wonderful holiday traditions we get to share with you and the changes you'll be making!  We love you so much our little Monkey! 

the Mama

Showing off your adorable new PJ's that Daddy & I got for you during the Black Friday madness! 



Amber said...

What a fun post, Kat - Avalynn is just beautiful and I can't believe how big (and gorgeous!) she's gotten. Only 2 months until the big 1! What a wonderful time :)

Michaela (aka Mama Michie) said...

Awww!! Happy 10 months!