DIY - Glass Painted Ornaments

Tonight as we were sitting around the dinner table I was talking with the Hubs about how I wanted to do a craft with Emma.  I remembered these glass ornaments down in my craft area, left over from a previous years holiday ornament I was making.   I grabbed some acrylic paints and we just squirted some in and slowly rolled the ornaments for total coverage with the paint.  Sometimes having to add more.  Unfortunately, most of my paints were bad *note to self: buy new acrylics* so our color selection was limited.  The Hubs came up with the idea sticking them upside down in water bottles to dry, he's brilliant I tell ya!  I think these are going to make excellent gifts for the grandparents and aunts from Emma - am sure they'll love them!!! 

Ornaments in their "drying" rack - love them!!! 


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