The Season Spirit...

has struck the Richards household this past weekend. I will admit that as I type this I'm listening to Christmas music, the outside lights are twinkling, and my house is sparkling on the inside with all of the holiday decor.  I used to always wait until the weekend after Thanksgiving, but I have found over the past few years that that weekend gets jammed packed getting together with friends and family.  This year is no exception.  So, last year was the first year I started it the week of Thanksgiving.  This year I started Sunday with everything but the trees, which got done on Monday.  Me and Emma had great fun decorating our big family tree, loved her asking where each one came from, or me telling her how old she was when she made such and such ornament.  We also decorated her light up tree and Avalynn's little tinsel tree that are in each of their rooms. Avalynn will be getting a light up tree after Christmas for next year.  They both will have the joy of sleeping with their trees lit up/or not for Avalynn - Christmas Eve and finding a little present underneath from old St. Nick.

I have tons of things to share in the coming days, finished picture wall, zipper rosette's, holiday decor, other projects.

As I'm gearing up for Black Friday and figuring out our much more frugal to buy for (pretty much, just the girls')  list and who I can make some great homemade gifts for, I wanted to share some previous posts I've done in case anyone needs some ideas.

- This is great for any married couple you know, the Family Established Wall Art.
- Some Tile Coasters or JOY Plaques, combined into one post.
- Rolled Paper Ornaments.
- Rag Garland's for archways, doorways, & windows.
- Set of Christmas pillows.  Scroll to the bottom of this post to see them.  Just went to Dollar Tree and picked up pairs of stockings and santa's hats, stuffed them with filling and sewed the openings closed.  I have them lining our stairway and a pair on the couch, gave these to a bunch of friends and family one year.

Edie over at lifeingrace has just had her 2nd annual 12 Days of Handmade Christmas.
- 2009 List
- 2010 List

I plan on making some previous things I've done before and some new things from the great tutorials provided during Edie's Handmade Christmas party.  Can't wait to see the looks on our loved ones faces.

Do you enjoy making gifts for the holidays?  Do you like to receive them?  What's your favorite handmade gift you've received?


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