One of those weeks

where I'm just in a funky schlump. One of my favorite blogger's Kelle spoke earlier in the week about Grays and Colors, and it spoke to me.  As the type of person who has the positive outlook through most things in our life this week has taken me to a dark place.

I've mentioned before about the Hubs layoffs, he's a carpenter for our local union and in just this calendar year he's worked for maybe 3 months.  Needless to say this has been a huge stress.  So we've been looking into options of him going into business for himself, but that takes some start up money so we're hoping to launch that in the new year, but right now in the here we're dealing with another recent layoff as of yesterday.  I'm so over there "not being work".

So this week I pretty much burrowed into my little hole and had my freak out over it all, but now I'm ready to lift my head back up and push forward.  As I know there has to be something better just around the corner!

Speaking of around the corner - anyone else not ready for the Christmas barrage of things yet?!  I honestly LOVE this time of year but I'm freaking out a little seeing friends on FB post pics of their kids with Santa - I mean really - we're not even into a whole week of November yet!  That's another thing I'm looking forward to being bitten with the seasonal goodness.


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