Paint Fiasco

So, yesterday I shared this post about creating our picture wall.   Which meant we, I mean the Hubs, had lots of holes to patch around the house.  We searched the basement paint stash and realized that we didn't have any left of the original living room color we used 4 years ago.  So, thankfully we had panted a switch plate cover, I took it into Lowe's and tried to see if they could match it.  When we tested it on the switch plate it came out too pinky.  So, off to the paint swatches we went, and we found what looked to be a perfect match, even the small dab on the can looked like a perfect match.  Then we come home and the Hubs painted over the patches and this is what we were left with.  Um - note to self 1: Write down all paint colors used in the house, in a safe place and 2: Don't trust self to match a color!!!

The horribleness of it - eeks!!! 
So, I didn't even last a couple hours with it looking like this before I headed to True Value and picked out what looked like more of a gray/blue, but ended up being bright blue!  Can we just say an EPIC FAIL of paint choices by me!  Next night we headed back to TV and picked up tons of paint swatches and brought them home.  In their catalogs you can actually peel off the color and it sticks to your wall, so we hung up about 15 choices and had them hanging for a day. 

Here's the final two, darker color chose as an accent wall.
So we painted and painted for the next 2 1/2 days, painting until the wee hours of the night, the Hubs in charge of rolling the walls and cutting in around the ceiling, I did all of the trim work in a nice crisp white.  We love the look of it now, although as you can tell the lighter shade definitely carries more of a teal hue on our walls.  Oh and all of our curtains we ended up stripping the previous home dyed color from and re-dyeing them a taupe color (they were green before).  

Picture wall take 2!  I think the frames pop a lot more with the new wall color.  And see the "new" chair in the corner, this is my "Mom" area, still a work in progress and hopefully will be finishing this up in the next couple weeks and will share. 

Here you can see both colors side by side.  



Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

Ellen said...

Love this post! My husband wanted to paint the down stairs once. He wanted a warm color so he told the paint guy that he wanted white with a hint of red in it. We had a pink house until we sold it.

Kat said...

Ellen - I loved this story, it had me cracking up. I read it to the Hubs at breakfast this morning, and my oldest was like - that's just like GG's house (who ironically, painted their walls a rose color on purpose though).