Friday Confessions


I confess…this has been the ultimate slowest week, Monday I thought was Tuesday, Tuesday I thought was Monday, and the rest of the week has just felt never ending.

I confess…pregnancy headaches are the worse!

I confess…I had my 14 week check-up on Wednesday.  Everything looks great, HB was in the 160’s.  Plus I had to do my early glucose test, if I don’t hear anything from the Dr’s by today then I passed which means I’ll have to take it again later.  I hope I passed.

I confess…I’m still in disbelief that this pregnancy is viable.  I’ve never had back to back successful pregnancies.  I keep waiting for something to wrong as it just seems to good to be true.

I confess…just for kicks and giggles I picked up the IntelliGender test on clearance at Target this week.  It says BOY!  Will be fun to see what the u/s says next month!

I confess…I’m so sick and tired of hearing about jealous extended family members and it all being put on my Gramma, who is not doing well, dealing with physical problems daily and having to downsize her home etc.

I confess…this is the last thing she should be concerned with.  She needs to concentrate on getting through day-to-day things and enjoying her family instead of petty jealousies. 

I confess…this weekend is my Besties baby shower and I can’t wait to give her, her diaper cake! 

I confess…next week the Hubs is on travel for his new job and I’m a little nervous about being by myself alone.  I’m used to him working long hours, but he at least always comes home and sleeps with me.  I do not like not sleeping with him.


VandyJ said...

I don't like sleeping with out my hubby either, but it's always so much better when he gets back.

Amberly Adventures said...

This week has been never ending for me too. Yesterday I kept thinking it was Friday - imagine my disgust everytime I'd come to the realization that it was Thursday.

Grats on a great check-up!

Have a great weekend.

Michaela (aka Mama Michie) said...

I think Ray and I have only slept apart a handful of times in the past 5 1/2 years and I hated it each time. I can't believe you're already 14 weeks!

Myya said...

Sorry about just now getting to this, my computer has been a pain in the... How exciting that the intelligender says BOY... I've heard good things about those things. YAY!!!