Easter Egg Brownie Pops

Last Easter-y post, I promise!  Kim from Sand & Sisal shared a little how-to on making these egg brownie pops, similar to Bakerella’s cake pop phenomenon that seems to be the new craze.  So, I convinced the Hubs to help me with these, although there was definitely some grumbling throughout the process.  I just followed Kim’s step by step instructions, overall I think ours turned out pretty great, and were a hit and have been told they are yummy, just sweet/very rich. 
While we waited for these to freeze for the 15 minutes, the Hubs and I enjoyed snacking on the yummy outside pcs of the brownie, since they got too hard that I wasn’t able to use them.  Now for the finished product.
Here’s my tips:
- Buy the colored chocolate.  I bought white only thinking I could add in food coloring, bad bad idea.  As soon as I added it, it turned the chocolate thick, so I went to reheat and it burned and turned curdly – YUCK!
- There was no setting these up to harden, the chocolate just kept dripping off.  So, one of us would shake it and the other would sprinkle the sprinkles on it while the chocolate was still wet.
- Do not dip it in the sprinkles, it tends to mess up the 1st coat of chocolate.
Perhaps you can bookmark these and make them next year or as balls for another holiday, am sure they will be a BIG hit!

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Amber - Binkertation said...

WOW - I think I'll have to remember those for next year - SO cool :)