Happy 15 Months Miss Avalynn


Baby Girl,

Yesterday, you officially passed 15 months.  Have decided through your 2nd year to do these letters to you every 3 months, as you are still changing a lot.  We have your check-up in a couple weeks, so I don’t have your 15 month stats.  You are wearing a mix of sized clothes, as some brands run big, so half your wardrobe is 18 months the other is 24 months or 2T, as I’ve noticed some stores have stopped having things marked 24 months.  Your feet have grown since your birthday, and are now in a size 6.  You love shoes and carry yours around most of the day.

At 14 1/2 months you started walking more than crawling and you love to just GO now, especially when out in public.  We’ve been lucky to actually have a few sunny days lately, a break with all the rain, and you love being in your swing, drawing with sidewalk chalk, or playing under the play set in the tanbark/dirt.  Yesterday, you attempted to go up the climbing wall, and you made it no problems with a spotter.

You say Hi and Buh-Bye very clearly.  Otherwise you show pretty much no interest in words or using them.  Like everything else with you, you like to do things when you want.  :o)

Daddy has started to call you our own little sour patch kid, like the current sour patch candy commercials.  You are quite strong willed and often like to flail your arms or legs at one of us, mostly your sister, and then next thing you attack with a big ole’ hug and kisses.  Your loving's are the cutest thing around, you wrap your arms around our necks and pull us in tight.  You seem to know already you are funny as you have us cracking up several times a day with your expressions and things you do. 

And your “spirit” has been showing through more and more with these fun tantrums.  I was way too spoiled with your older sister who never had that “spirit” in her.  You will force your weight down to sit if we try to get you to walk somewhere else, or stand there yelling off your hand stamping your feet.  I really must video tape these some time. 

Your relationship with your sister has really grown over the past couple months.  You tend to follow her and love playing, aka – taking away from her, whatever she is playing with.  One of your favorite things to play with lately are baby dolls, you love holding them, kissing them, and feeding them their bottles.  And your love of climbing onto things hasn’t stopped, you’ve now moved to the dining room chairs, a rocker we have, and as always the couch which you also consider your own running mat, that you’ll run and then dive into the cushions.  And nothing is safe on the counters, tables, bookshelves, when placed on the edge, especially drinks.  You love to grab your sisters juice boxes whenever she forgets to push it far enough back and take some sips before one of us can take it away from you. 

As the warmer months are coming I look forward to seeing how you enjoy the pool and other fun outdoors things that will be taking up our days. 

the Mama

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Amber - Binkertation said...

what a sweet post - can't believe how BIG she's getting. Would love to meet your girls one day :)