Mamarazzi’s Favorites Things Swap


Mamarazzi has hosted another fantastic swap, called Favorites Things, and I got paired up with the lovely Myya from Myya Says.  This is the first swap I have done where I actually feel like I’ve come away with a friend.  Thanks for the great pairing Mamarazzi!  To see what goodies I sent Myya, click on her blog link above.
Now for what my package had – which was seriously bulging!  Here’s everything wrapped.
The letter she typed up explaining all of her choices.  And I have to say that there’s one thing not pictured in the breakdown pictures, the Cadbury Chocolate Mini Eggs, I perhaps tried them right away and forgot to include them, oops!
Got a nice big mug, GC to Starbucks (thanks for the suggestions Myya in your note, as I never go there), Vanilla Chai Latte mix (plan on making this tomorrow morning), a Basil herb kit (can’t wait to use this when cooking!), McCormick Recipe Inspirations (have been wanting to try one of these) and some bulbs (I love Gladiolus and plant some every year!).
Some things for ME: A very yummy Baked Apple candle, Avon lipgloss & MAC lipstick, some vanilla hand sanitzer (seriously, love the size of this!), very pretty pink nail polish that I can’t wait to try and one of the pedi-egg things, but don’t remember the actual name of it.
Sticky note pad with a great purple pen (one of my favorite colors), a pack of cute blank cards, and I had mentioned how I like to read “smutty” novels as I call them, they are my light/fluff reads.
And she sent my kiddo’s some goodies.  Have been wanting to get some sandwich cutter’s (can’t wait to use it for lunch this week), some cute Bunny rings with bubbles inside, sidewalk chalk, fun animal stickers, and this adorable outfit for our Bun in the Oven.  And forgot to also put in the picture, as the oldest was already busy using it, some Crayola Window Markers, she’s been having a blast with them!
Seriously, I got SO spoiled and LOVE everything!  Thank you again Myya!!!


Janna said...

What a great swap package...glad you guys had so much fun!

Myya said...

Awe look at you talking me up! LOL. So glad you liked everything! I had a great time getting to know you & look forward to bloggy chats & heck now even facebook ones too :) Good thing you felt like I spoiled you because I felt quite spoiled as well. YAY for GREAT swap partners!!!!

Mamarazzi said...

i luuuuurve Myya and i knew you would too! i love when i am right!

love the stuff she sent you!

Shawn said...

Myya is one of my BBF's {best bloggy friends}! She really took care of you!

I love the note pad and pen, you can never have enough of that kind of stuff. I have tried the seasoning packages, they are tasty!


Amber said...

What an awesome swap - LOVE it! I really ought to get more involved in the blogging community. :)

Michaela (aka Mama Michie) said...

You were spoiled!! What a great swap package!

Deann said...

Wow...you got lots of awesome things!!