Friday Confessions


I confess...I wish that Toaster Strudels came with more than 6 in a pack, that's enough for 3 breakfasts, and I'm loving the apple ones right now, the perfect amount of warm gooey sweetness.

I confess...this week has felt pretty long without the Hubs.

I confess...one of the things I'm most looking fwd to with him back is so he can carry Miss A, my little 28lb chunky monkey gets heavy carrying up and down all of our stairs.

I confess...he will be back in approx. 8 hours or so and I can NOT wait!

I confess...Miss A is quite stubborn on this whole walking thing, for the past two weekends she's taken a couple steps, but zilch-o walking during the week.  Then finally yesterday she actually walked around 75% of the day.  I hope she continues today.

I confess...I've been craving adult conversation like crazy by the end of this week and I apologize to all who had to deal with my gabbing.

I confess...I'm seriously addicted to Pinterest.  If you are not on it yet please join, and if you are/once you are please add me so we can share what we pin.  It's FREE!  If you want access right away, message me your email addy and I'll send you an invite, otherwise you just have to wait a couple days to get "approved".

I confess...I keep finding so many adorable baby things to make, can't wait to find out the gender so I can get to it already!



Amber said...

Everytime I try to eat toaster strudels they don't ever cook through all the way and then I end up burning them, haha

Pretty sad when you can't even make a toaster strudel.

Have a great weekend!

VandyJ said...

I like toaster strudels but without lots of the frosting. My oldest loves to pile the frosting in a big gob. What ever works.

J FAM Blog for the Soul said...

Aww!! Finding out the gender is such an exciting time! I don't know how people want to be surprised!!

I agree on the toaster strudels! LOVE THEM!! I could eat those like I eat girl scout cookies...one sleeve at a time.
And I too love when my husband can carry our chunky girl! She gets heavy especially in her car seat!

a lovely mess. said...

super cute blog.
i love toaster strudels as well!

Heather said...

I haven't had a toaster strudel in forever. But the apple ones do sound yummy.

Bridget said...

Toaster streudels rock!

Myya said...

Mmmm Toaster Strudels yes please! My girls decided they like them too so now I have to share.

That is funny about Miss A, she is a stubborn lil one isn't she. hee-hee.

YAY for finding out the gender, I LOOOVE that part. It is so exciting!

Deann said...

I'm the odd one who doesn't like toaster strudals..LOL! No cooked fruit for me please!

I love your confessions and am glad the hubby is back! I'm ready to find out the gender too!!!

Amber said...

I confess your post makes me want toaster streudels...

AND I wish I were crafty and could make baby things! :)

Mamarazzi said...

congrats on the new baby...FUN!!

mmm toaster strudel.

I am totally late getting around to everyone, I have been busy with my hubz home on vacation, but I am so glad you did this post and linked up, Friday Confessional is growing!! YAY!