The following is

the randomness that is my brain this week.  I’ve been determined to bust out the camera and just take photos this week, especially after I realized on the the 13th, that I totally forgot what day was the 12th, so I could do 12 on 12.  Hopefully next month.  And after seeing Kellie’s guest post over at Little Miss Momma today describing 10 steps for taking your camera off of Auto I had tons of fun playing around. Here’s some of what I shot this week


Growing some Basil from my recent Favorite Things Swap. IMG_7682

Playing around with focusing on E’s hands, with the background blurry.  She was laying on our ottoman most of the afternoon during “quiet” time like this. IMG_7725

Again focusing on Miss A’s adorable baby feet while we were out swinging today – such a beautiful day. IMG_7747

I’ve been freaking out because I haven’t really felt the baby move in the past week, yes I know I’m early, but once you start feeling movement it’s hard to not worry when you don’t for a week.  I feel like I did something mean and definitely laid down on our living room floor (hardwoods) to see if the little bean would make some movements telling me to get up and right away I started feeling the bean.  I now feel like I can stop freaking out so much right now.

The Hubs got his definite day schedule this week starting 2 weeks from now, which meant I had to re-schedule the BIG u/s date, which will now be on May 3rd.  These next couple weeks can’t go by fast enough.

The Hubs is back home this week, but with his long hours it basically feels like last week when he was on travel, minus the 30 mins or less he gets to see the girls and he’s here in the evenings for some company.  But now, both of us are tired and have been going to bed around 9pm, sometimes earlier for me.

I know I talk about Pinterest A LOT, but seriously, am in love, plus tons of blogs this week have been chatting it up!  Have you jumped on the Pinterest wagon yet?

As I was blog hopping today I came across Kathleen at Grosgrain’s video tutorial on doing a fish tail braid.  After watching it I completely made Emma sit on my lap so I could try it out, am in love with this super cute & easy hair style.  Here’s a picture of how it turned out


Spring bulbs are definitely blooming around these parts, so I decided to cut some fresh flowers and stick them in the living room.  They are definitely bringing the spring smell into the house.


Have you heard of Baby Lifestyles?  They contacted me today wanting to share this pinwheel mobile I made for over Miss A’s crib.  This is very exciting and I will share the post once I get the final information from their Editor.

Now, to prepare for our very filled weekend of Easter-y stuff, family outings, errands, extended family birthday celebrations, and packing up the Hubs for another week of travel starting Monday.  Hope you all have a great weekend!


Myya said...

YAY the Basil is growing, how fun!!!

Ohhh goodness look at Miss A's chubby feet, ADORABLE! I do wanna paint her little piggies though :)

Soooo glad you felt the baby bean move. It is soooo nervewracking when you don't feel them once they start moving. Wonder if he is moving a lot while you sleep??? Maybe a night owl... heaven help you hee hee.

I've been wondering how hubs job is going. Long hours are definitely no fun!!!

Amber said...

Fun post - looove Miss A's squishy baby feet and how awesome did E's hair turn out?!?! Audrey's isn't long enough for that and is sooo curly, that I doubt I could do that style, but I'll have to look into other styles for her.

YAY for the big u/s - just a few weeks.