Happy 4 1/2 years Emma Rose

Dear Emma,

I still can’t believe that you our oldest, my baby, the one who made me a mom is already 4 1/2 years old.  I feel like I’ve blinked and all of this time has passed.  You’ve definitely turned into quite the little/ “big” girl.  Four, we have found out is a very trying age not only for you but us as well.  There are other times I am seriously worried for myself when you become a teenager, as you already attempt to do the eye rolling and “hmph’ing”.  I’m trying to squash these in the bud now.

You are a mini me of Daddy.  Many times a week he will just shake his head after you say or do something, bringing back memories of himself when he was little.  You are quite mischievous, logic can be downright hysterical, sense of humor and quick comebacks take us by surprise for someone your age. 

You love doing crafts and are very into coloring right now.  You do it at least once a day and have become really good at staying in the lines.  Your latest obsession is to make color wheels, that are more like blocks. We put a clock radio in your room a couple months ago as you are obsessed with knowing the time to wake up, afraid you might miss something.  You insist on needing to listen to the radio to sleep and know many many songs and their words.  One of my favorite lines from you is “Don’t be a giraffe, just be a Queen”.  Cracks us up every time.

You just got your first golf club a couple weeks ago, a prize for excellent behavior from you.  We had gone through a rut of several bad weeks so made up a time frame that you needed to start acting better and behave.  Am glad to say the good behavior has continued.  You spend time out in the yard with Daddy hitting golf balls in the yard and are looking forward to going with Daddy once the weather warms up around here.

You are such a big help to me around the house and with your sister.  You and your sister get along really well and you two are starting to play more as your sister gets older.  I know you are going to be an amazing big sister to your brother/sister on the way. 

Above all else, I hope that you know you are very well loved and cherished. 




Kristyn @ Good Gravy Crafts said...

this is so sweet to read, i need to start doing this with my little ones.


Amber said...

She is BEAUTIFUL and WOW, can't believe she's already 4 1/2. How amazing.

Michaela (aka Mama Michie) said...

Such a sweet post! Happy half birthday! =)