12 on 12 - March

Last week I was blog hopping - it was one of those times where you just keep finding blogs you love!  Anyways, I stumbled across Amy at my words.  On the 12th day of every month she takes 12 pictures of her day.  I thought this would be a great kick start for me, since my camera and I haven't had much time together lately.  So, I tried and semi-failed, only got 8 shots, but am happy with what I did get and looking forward to doing this every month. 

01. With all the rain, the creeks and river have had elevated levels and flooding in a few areas.  This is the boat launch at the end of my town. 
02. A shot of the river, this is a bridge that goes over to the city, the water is very high! 
03. Went to a Kids' event at the Zembo.  Girls' sitting in one of the mini cars. 
04. Free lunch for the kiddo's, Baby Girl loved the popcorn the most! 
05. Grocery shopping day, this is after unloading all the bags before putting away. 
06. Yummy - tropical starburst jelly beans! 
07. Flowers from my Mum, just because! 
08. Had a pedicure late in the afternoon - loving the lower glittery purple. 


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Myya said...

Hi! I'm your newest swap partner. I'm going to email you but I thought I'd first come check you out. Super cute blog! First off just wanted to say congratulations on your wee one in the belly. Yay for babies! Loved your pictures, what a great idea to MAKE yourself have to post pictures. I haven't been taking very many lately either. Love your toes... pretty toes make for feeling way better. Ohhh & sooo nice to get away to do it for a bit too! :)