Friday Confessions


I confess...I'm so anxious for Sunday's Army Wives.  I keep flipping between who I think it is that dies.  What's your opinion?

I confess...I'm really tired of half of our shows being on weird breaks and just being repeats.  What the heck, didn't we just have a big break with them over the holidays?

I confess...I'm rather annoyed with my face this pregnancy.  And supposedly your not supposed to use face wash with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.  Yeah - just found that out a couple weeks ago, when did things change so much between this pregnancy and my youngest?

I confess...I've had a couple of my friends say they read that Witch Hazel is magic for your face.  I hope this is true for me, plan on picking some up tomorrow.

I confess...that when you ask people to be references for a job, they have a heads up that they'll be getting contacted, it'd be nice if they responded.

I confess...the Hubs got an email for the company he's interviewing with yesterday saying none of his references responded and they had 24 more hours to do so.

I confess...I'll be livid if for some reason he doesn't get the job because these people can't respond.

I confess...it's so easy, especially since the company does it all through e-mail!!!

I confess...I'm so excited for the weekend and the nicer weather.  Plan on digging in the flower beds and looking forward to some free Italian ice on Sunday!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!



Sami said...

I am so frustrated for you! I hope someone responds to the reference request soon!

shortmama said...

I hope his references came through!

Myya said...

I am in complete & total agreement on the my tv shows... seriously the weird schedule is ticking me off!

References... what is wrong with people??? This is sooo important! I hope they come through for him, that is just not ok AT ALL!

Hope you enjoyed your Italian Ice... YUM! I'm headed to my sisters for a BBQ (it is raining, but ehhh at least there will still be LOTS of good food :)