What I Learned This Weekend - 6th Edition

Better late than never right?  Hope everyone had a fantastic New Year's and long weekend!

1.  I've decided I really don't like when Holidays land on the weekend, makes me feel like my weekends are forever long.  For example, this weekend felt so long that I could have sworn today, Monday, was Wednesday.
2.  Definitely go to the grocery store any other day but the eve of a Holiday - it stinks!
3.  My parents are incredibly awesome and loaded us up on food for our pantry and meat for our freezer they got us for Christmas!
4.  I love finding deals, especially on clothes.  I used return money from Christmas presents, a shirt & a pair of slipper socks.  I was able to get two sweater cardigans *my new love in my wardrobe* and still have $4 leftover!!!
5.  The Hubs is amazing at taking any photo I show him and re-creating it for me at a much lower cost!
6.  There's nothing like having your house back in order after the holidays.
7.  I've decided there will be no more "resolutions" just goals for the year.  They are much more rewarding when met!
8.  There's nothing better then hearing my baby saying Mum-Mum-Mum.
9.  Normally, it's when she's tired and hungry.
10.  New Year's Eve was sort-of a bust this year, I was zonked out on the couch by 9pm.
11.  I blame it on A's cruddy sleep the night before, she was up whining most of the night and I felt like I never fully slept at all that night.
12.  The Other Guys is a funny movie - I highly suggest watching it if you haven't yet.
13.  Love weekends when I can relax and watch some movies on tv - this was my plan for Sunday and I achieved it for the most part!


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