I'm in a daze of pink/green/& monkey's...

Wow, can't believe I haven't been able to post for almost a week.  Last week things that could go wrong just kept going wrong, things are finally looking up as of this afternoon.  Hate having bummer days consecutively - no fun!

Now, I'm running around crazily getting ready to celebrate my baby's 1st birthday, hard to believe Wednesday she will be 1.  We are celebrating with all of our loved ones.  Have tons of birthday party prepping posts to share this week.

Hope everyone's week has started out well!



Michaela (aka Mama Michie) said...

How can she be turning 1 already!! This past year has just flown by!! Can't wait to see how you celebrated

Amber said...

ummmm is Avalynn bday party monkey themed with pink and green as the main colors??? If so, that is EXACTLY what Audrey's 1st birthday party was - absolutely 100% exactly. Insane!!! I bet it will be a blast. I can't believe your little punkin is almost a year - when is the official big day?

Audrey's invite said "Oh What Joy, Oh What Fun, Our Little Monkey is Turning 1!"

Kat said...

Michaela - SO crazy that she'll be 1 tomorrow!

Amber - Yes, my SIL gives each of the girls' nicknames from when they are in the belly and A's is Monkey, which she definitely is with her crazy stunts and climbing things. Now that you mention it I remember your pictures from Audrey's 1st birthday party. :o) And tomorrow is the "big" day!