What I Learned This Weekend

We had a very filled weekend with friends and family = a great weekend overall.

1.  Friday was my mom's birthday and I can totally whip out an amazing cake in an hour.  Putting your cake outside to cool so you can icing it is totally ok when your short on time!
2.  Make sure to cover it, because you don't want any winter critters or birds snacking on it.  No this didn't happen to me.
3.  Friday night was the first time I've missed using my Cricut in months!  Completely ok to print off letters, cut them out with an exacto knife and make my own stencils that way.
4. Slicing burlap in triangles completely stinks.
5. First time to Monkey Joes for a birthday party and it was over capacity!  Poor Emma was scared when we got there and said she didn't want to try anything, thankfully she warmed up as it emptied out some and had a blast!
6. I really wish parents would pay attention/watch their kids when at a place like MJ's, instead of sitting in the parents area and completely ignoring them.  It's not the job of other parents to watch your kids, especially when some of them are mean and keep tackling my kid for NO REASON!
7. It's always good to confirm plans with friends - and even better to probably confirm with a date instead of just saying weekend, had a little confusion this weekend when expecting company.
8.  It all worked out well in the end.
9.  It's always great to reconnect with lost friends.
10. It's official Miss A is not allowed to play with our remote anymore!  I was watching Netflix/streaming through the playstation and when I clicked back to the tv, on the screen was please confirm to buy naughty nurses for $10.99.  One more right button and she totally would have bought that!
11.  Deep cleaning always makes me feel good about the house, I cleaned Saturday & Sunday = not much cleaning to do Monday, my cleaning day.
12.  My hubby is pretty awesome especially with helping get ready for company, cooking up the meat while we have company and running last minute errands when needed this weekend.
13.  I finally took the plunge and re-did some of the blog, still have some other things I need to finish like a new button and menu tabs, but was SO happy with what I got done.
14.  Even though I have two kids, I still feel like a first-time mom with Miss A a lot of the time.
15.  She's so incredibly different then her sister in every way and different things have come up that never did with Miss E.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!



Amber said...

sounds like a fun weekend! Thanks for the cake tip. What you said about feeling like a first time mom again is sticking with me because I totally have concerns like that especially because of the age gap - similar to what you have with Emma and A!! Awesome hubbys rock!

Kat said...

Yeah I was thinking the other day how your two will almost be the exact same age difference as mine. As for my situation - A is just the exact opposite of a baby that E was, E was easy breezy - A was definitely not! It will definitely be an adjustment but you adapt and figure out a new normal. :o)

Michaela (aka Mama Michie) said...

That's too funny that A almost bought a naughty video! Abby isn't allowed to have the remote either,but only because she will try to eat it! ;)