Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday, this girl turned...


I feel like this is the year where things are going to change and happen.  I'm done looking back and only have blinders on for the future and the great things that I know have to be around the corner.  Last year, not sure why, blame it on me being 9 months pregnant at the time or what, but I had a very hard time with 25.  This year am happy to report I welcomed 26 with open arms.

The day itself was pretty relaxed, just how I like it!  I got lots of wonderful phone calls and messages for my family and friends.  I was spoiled with some wonderful goodies this year - some cash, clothes, flowers, lenses and filters for my camera and one of the things I'm most excited about below,

That's me holding my Amber Edition of Becky Higgins Project Life.  I look so forward to starting our Family albums.  As a previous paper scrapper unfortunately life gets busy and I found I hardly had time to do it and this is such a great option for me to preserve our family's life.  Haven't heard of Becky before, definitely go check out her blog that I've linked to her name above, am sure you'll fall in love as much as several other people have. 

Here's a picture of my girls' relaxing watching a show.  This is their new thing, normally Emma is laying down too, but she sat up as soon as she saw that camera come out. 

The Hubs & Emma made me my favorite cake, Party Cake anyone?  It was super yummy and loved hearing my little girl sing Happy Birthday to me. 



Veronica Lee said...

Happy Birthday!!! Love the pics!!

Sherri said...

Happy Birthday! Hope your day was awesome! I remember that age..I think. It was a long time ago :)

Amber said...

awww looks like a perfect day - Happy Happy Birthday (again) to you, Kat!

Kat said...

Thank you ladies for the birthday wishes! :o)

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

your girls are Adorable!! is it safe to say that you are a girly girl too?

i have 2 sons, which forces me to be even more of a girly girl since i'm outnumbered!!