Happy 1st Birthday Avalynn!

Baby Girl -

Well it's official - as of yesterday (yeah, I'm a day late on this post) you are officially a toddler, but always my baby that's for sure!  It's hard to believe this letter concludes your 1st year with us.  You are what made us from a family of 3 to a family of 4.  We have more love in our hearts for you and your sister than either of us thought possible to love.  *Corny* I know, but incredibly true!  I refer to you as my miracle.  You are such a blessing, especially after our previous losses, your birth renewed hope in me again and made me feel whole again.

I feel like not much has changed this past month with you.  You are still not standing by yourself or walking.  You can tell that you really want to and are a pro barely holding onto our fingers, but you just can't seem to take that leap by yourself.  I know it'll come when you are ready!  You still only have 4 teeth, this past weekend you slept horribly for 3 nights, thought for sure some teeth were popping through and 1 is right there, but still not completely through.  Nights like that are no fun for either of us.

I stopped nursing you completely at 11 1/2 months.  I'm so happy that I was able to give you that gift and nurse as long as I did.  When I decided to BF, I was just praying and hoping to make it through the first 2 weeks, the hardest ones "they" say - & yes, "they" are right.  You had your first sippy of milk last night for dinner and you don't seem sure about it.  Hopefully there's no problems switching you over to milk completely.  As for table food, you love most of what we give you - especially your veggies!

We had our first significant snowfalls in the past month and you've been out to play twice.  Mostly you just like to lay down in the snow and eat it off your mitten.  We had you sled down the hill in our backyard a couple times with your Sissy and once with Daddy - you barely cracked a smile, am sure you're going to love it more next year!

We had our own private celebration with you yesterday.  Emma got you a pounding shape block, Daddy & I got you the Lil' Zoomer's racetrack, pair of shoes, and some foam mats for in front of your toy area.  You love everything.  We sang Happy Birthday after dinner to you and you were clapping, smiling and swaying back and forth - it was the cutest thing!  No surprise you loved your cupcake.  Especially the whipped icing, we video taped you eating it and your face after the 1st taste is priceless and then you dive in for another taste.  We're looking forward to seeing you Saturday with your smash cake.

Speaking of - we're having a BIG party for you Saturday with our family and close friends.  We're holding it at the church and your theme is called a mod monkey.  A girly monkey with a bow on her head and lime green and pink as your colors.  I've been busy all week making decorations for the fellowship hall.  Tomorrow will be spent baking and prepping all of the meals and then we're going to decorate the hall in the evening with Gramma & PopPop's help.

As your sister and I say - Love you to the rocket, to the moon and back!

The Mama

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