1st Birthday Party

*Warning - post is picture heavy*  I've been wanting to post for days, but the weekend was spent recouping from the party and then this week a yucky flu bug hit the family - so glad to see we're all feeling better! 

Click here to look at my previous post of some of the items we got that were Monkey to go with her party.  We held A's party in the church fellowship hall.  Decorations were some paper chains, tissue paper flowers, and balloons all in pinks and green. 

Here's the cupcake toppers that the Hubs & I made one evening.   SO pleased with how they turned out. Those pink monkey's on the table are flash lights for each of the kids to go along with their goody bag they filled during their candy scramble. 

Close up of the beautiful 1 year old!  You can't tell but her barrette is a monkey too - needless to say she didn't leave it alone for long before it was yanked free. 

Hat made by the Hubs which again didn't stay on for more than 30 seconds.  And can you see your cute onsie that I used that iron on transfer on?  She had a blast with the cake and towards the end she'd just dive her head in and wouldn't even use her hands.  

To help entertain the kiddos we had this blow-up jumpy thing that was the oldests' when she was little.  It was a BIG hit with all of the kids.

We also had pieces of paper sitting at ever spot and asked our guests to write something to Avalynn, whether advice, a memory, why we love her.  Here's a few of our favorites: 

- Avalynn, If you can read this, you win.  If you can't read this, just grin.  If you can't grin, just smile.  For when you smile, we all smile, and you win!!  Happy 1st Birthday From Pappy Bill

- Avalynn - You inspire so much joy in your family.  Your smiles makes a bad day good and your laugh makes everyone laugh along with you.  You are beautiful and special and so very, very loved.  Keep your chin up and keep smiling and you can conquer the world!  Love Sherri

- Happy 1st Birthday!  Hope you and Emma become the best of friends.  Sisters are able to get through anything when they have each other.  From Jamie

Overall the party was a great success, so many of our friends and family were able to share in the day as we celebrated our little blessing from above turning 1.  I hope she looks back fondly at the pictures knowing how loved she is!

*I plan to link to a couple of these fabulous parties!*



Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

Those cupcake decorations are adorable!

I'm a new follower!

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Mark said...

New follower too.You have a lovely little angel.
Happy belated little angel.
I love those cupcakes. :)