What I Learned This Weekend

What a week last week was - so glad we are starting a new one!!!  Sorry for the cricket's chirping around the blog lately - I've sat down to write a couple times and nothing seems to ever come to mind - feeling a little lost on the blog writing mojo.

Back to our weekend

1. This was our first weekend with nothing planned, it's completely ok to say no to our normal weekly family dinners with my parents and the in-laws.
2. Avalynn woke up way too early Saturday morning but after having a bottle she slept in until 9:30.  Thank you baby girl - we all needed the sleep!
3.  Emma and I had a fun Saturday morning running errands in the rain.   She got a watermelon slushie and bought herself a new Tangled book.
4.  Every since Emma started talking she's always been a talker, but this past weekend it was brought to a new level.
5.  Because of this I seriously am worried about my sanity over the next few years, especially when Avalynn starts in too.
6.  Case in point even when she was watching her movie it was a constant dialogue with lots of Moms thrown in there!
7.  After errands while everyone else napped I lost myself in a new book I treated myself too.
8.  Thank you the Hubs sister for the gift card for Chili's as I didn't have to cook dinner that night.
9.  Since we got hit with a yucky virus and crud last week I got thrown off my normal cleaning schedule.
10.  Because I have the best Hubs around he helped me knock out the house cleaning in no time.
11.  I might have also let the laundry pile up too?
12.  He switched loads for me and brought them up so I could fold them.
13.  I don't know why, but I'd much rather fold then switch?
14.  Decided to make my yummy crockpot corn chowder and Avalynn devoured it!  This makes me happy - another meal she loves!
15.  I did what I said I'd never do - it's been a struggle getting her to drink milk from a sippy.  Since she's still on 3 bottles of formula, per her Ped, I tried putting the milk in a bottle and she was happy as a clam.
16.  I really hope we can be done with bottles soon and done completely transitioning her from formula to milk.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!



Amber said...

Glad you had a weekend with lots of down time! That crockpot corn chowder sounds awesome - recipe please!!! :) Don't worry too much about the bottle transition - I'm sure it'll come soon. Audrey was about 15 months I think when she was totally weaned off.

Michaela (aka Mama Michie) said...

I hope you all are feeling better! It sounds like you and Emma had a fun time running errands together. Don't worry too much about the bottle... at least she's getting what she needs!

Kat said...

Thanks ladies on the bottle pep talk - I think because Emma was so easy we dropped bottles no problem. I just don't want her to become attached and be 2 years old walking around with one. Am happy to report that this week has gone much better with drinking milk from a sippy though so I think the bottle will be gone sooner than I expected.

Amber - I'll post the corn chowder recipe later this week! So simple and definitely one of our fav's!!!