*Opinions* Please!!!

I've been tossing around re-vamping the ole' blog.  I was hoping to have it done before the New Year, but between the holidays and everything inbetween - before I knew it 2011 happened, lols.    Decided today was the day to work on putting something together.  Now I've come up with two options and  I can't decide, so am asking for your input, please!  I thank you greatly!

Option A:

Option B:



Sherri said...

Option B is my pick. :D

Denise said...

Option A. This is my first time to see your blog, so I like your orginal header. But I understand wanting some change. With option B, my eyes look all over the place and it's a little busier. With option A, my eyes are immediately focused on the header title and not on the background. Just my two cents. By the way, great blog!