2010 in Review!

I honestly can't believe that tomorrow is the last day of 2010!  We've been blessed in lots of ways and not so much in only one area in our life (the hubs being laid off for so long!).   But when I look back at what 2010 has brought us, being creative with our money to re-vamp our house and create decor on the cheap, lots of quality family time, some great memories of Avalynn's 1st year, and lots of quirky laughs.

Here's some of my favorite projects & how-to's that I've shared over the past year on the blog.  I'll be linking to Rhoda over @ Southern Hospitality here. You should definitely check out some of the other fabulous blogs that are linked up showing off their highlights from the year.

To start, back in January the Hubs refinished our hardwood floors in the living room as shown in this post.

Early Spring we used some of our return money to do a partial remodel of our kitchen as shown in this post

After re-painting our dining room I decided our current furniture needed a desperate facelift and scoured Craigslist for a couple weeks for a dresser to re-do as well, as shown in this post.

I also tackled our "middle" living room area and created a humongous family picture wall in this post and here's how it looks after re-painting the walls, read more about our paint fiasco here.

The Hubs & I attempted making our own mason jar chandy that pretty much rocks in my opinion, click here for more details on that.

Created a FREE piece of art for our dining room, here - our Family Est. piece.

Emma got really into Toy Story this year and had a blast planning her 4th Birthday extravaganza in a Toy Story theme by making some really cute treats & desserts, here.

I look forward to 2011 - knowing that it can only get better in some areas of our lives.  I have tons of *new* ideas for around our Casa and look forward to sharing the journey of them with all of you!



Alisa said...

I love that mason jar chandelier and the dresser makeover. I need to find a couple dressers to redo too.

Thanks for sharing!


My Cottage Charm said...

Hey Kat, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, I LOVE getting comments from new faces! :)
Looks like you guys have been as busy as I have around the house! 2010 sure did bring a lot of projects and I'm hoping 2011 will bring some more! (and the energy to do them all!lol)
Have a Happy New Year!!

Theresa said...

The Jesse hats are adorable...when I did a little back-searching and saw your dresser redo and jar chandlier...WOW! I'm a follower!