DIY - Tshirt Quilt

Over the summer my cousin gave me a small brown bag full of tshirts and wanted a tshirt quilt made.  I rigged our name drawing for Christmas this year to make sure the Hubs or I got her name so we could give this to her.  The Hubs took charge of this project and did probably about 75% of it.  He figured out the measurements, and cut 15 1/2" by 15 1/2" squares using a rotary cutter and his framing square.  Then we laid out a pattern on the floor and took a photo so we would have something to reference.

We took turns, as the thread on our machine kept breaking - so it'd become frustrating, sewing each row together and then I let him handle piecing all of the rows together.  Picked up a wool blanket at Wally for $10 and cut that down to size to fit the dimensions of our blanket.  The Hubs sewed all 3 pieces together.  And then we used a yarn needle and some dark green yarn and did a tie in the corners of the shirts to hold the middle piece together with the outer pieces.

Overall, for our first attempt at a blanket like this, I'm rather impressed.  I hope she loves it as it was definitely made with love.

The front of the blanket.

The back of the blanket - which actually I messed up piecing together the 2nd row which in turn made the Hubs mess up when piecing the rows as a whole.  We say it gives it more character! 

Close up of the yarn tie.

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the cape on the corner said...

i love this! i have always wanted one of these-old concert shirts, college events. one day. one day. i am sure she will absolutely love this!

Amber said...

fabulous! I've done one before, but this one looks much better :)

Pajama Mama said...

This is AMAZING!!! I am just getting into crafting, so this project may be a bit advanced for me right now but I would love to tackle something like this is the future!! You turned something ordinary into something so beautiful and special!