What I Learned This Weekend - 5th Edition

Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend with your loved ones!!!  We certainly did!

1.  Remember what all things you do on holidays, because kids' don't forget and will start to expect it.
2. Case in point - I decided last year to stick a present under Emma's tree from Santa, Christmas Eve morning she comes down and tells me how excited she was for that present - OOPS, wasn't planning on doing that this year.
3. This made me think what to put under them and we became creative and wrapped each of the girls' ornaments, hung them on their trees.  We decided they would be from Fred, our newest addition Elf on the Shelf.
4. Doesn't matter what Avalynn would open she'd only want everyone else's presents.
5. Avalynn was totally getting opening up her presents - loved this!
6. Avalynn woke up before Emma Christmas Day and we ended up having to wake up Emma to get started on the days festivities.
7. Egg & Sausage Casserole *new* recipe were a HIT for Christmas day breakfast!
8. We are SO blessed by all of our families.
9. I'm happy that we were able to celebrate another year with everyone.
10. Singing Silent Night while lighting candles is my FAVORITE part of church on Christmas Eve.
11. Opening presents was much easier this year as everything we wrapped we "pre" opened and then put back in the box so we wouldn't waste so much time opening cruddy boxes.
12. I'm starting to chat again with a lost friend, I've missed her friendship greatly over the last 4 years and hope this is a new beginning.
13. I've decided Miracles really do happen around Christmas it seems.
14. You know you've been busy when you are getting ready to put the baby to bed and realize she's 11 months today!
15.  I feel like I didn't get to take in this last blessed day with her.
16. Lesson learned - don't use re-chargeable batteries for Leapster Explorer's.  We thought Emma's Explorer had stopped working and I finally got it to work after cotton swabbing all battery parts and putting in some regular batteries.


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