Decorating Chaos

A few years ago, I would go nuts trying to do all of the decorating in 1 day.  Yes - nuts I tell ya! Then I learned to take my time over a few days and the past two years I work on it the week of Thanksgiving.  The Hubs runs the basement stairs, sliding the bins on the small landing for me to push out of the way.  

First I went around and grabbed all of my fall decor & everyday decor off the shelves, lamps, and tables and piled everything on the dining room table.  Then I started opening up my bins to see what goodies were in stores, seriously amazing all of the stuff I forget I have.  

So, instead of just posting all of the pretty decoration pictures, figured I'd show what it really looks like during the madness of getting it all to look nice.  Love that Avalynn is chomping on some of her non-breakable Target $1 Spot ornaments...


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Amber said...

Thanks for the honest look at the decorating process! I think I'll only post pretty after pictures on my blog ;) I love your garland - did you make it or buy it??