DIY - Easy Advent Calendar

Middle of this week I saw a link floating around FB-land for a FREE Printable Christmas Advent Calendar.    For the past couple of years I've been wanting to make my own version, but before I know it there's just never enough time.  I decided oh well if we miss a couple days I wanted to try this out.  Will definitely be figuring out a more permanent option for next year - but am VERY pleased with how this turned out!  Emma is so excited to open the first one tomorrow - love her excitement over it! 

I glittered the numbers with red and green stickles.  Also, the Hubs came up with the idea of tabs to close them and then we centered the numbers on the flaps from that.
I've seen several people's lists of ideas and combined some from each, here's what's on the agenda for us.

5. Pick out a board game and have a family game night.
6. Cut out paper snowflakes.
7. Read a Christmas Book.
8. Have a picnic lunch in a fort.
9. Special Dessert: Hot Chocolate & Marshmallows
10. Make christmas cookies.
11. Make a pine cone bird feeder.
12. Decorate a gingerbread house.
13. Have breakfast for dinner.
14. Make salt dough ornaments.
15. Learn a Christmas song.
16. Make chex mix.
17. Make treats for all of our doggie family members.
18. Special Treat:
19. Drive around a look at Christmas lights.
20. Read a Christmas book.
21. Special Treat: Candy Cane
22. Make popcorn and watch a Christmas movie.
23. Do a puzzle.
24. Read Twas the Night Before Christmas.



Mama Bear said...

I love this. So cute. When my daughter is old enough, I look forward to making one too. I hope your family enjoys it!

Amber said...

So cute - I think we'll try this next year, when Audrey would really get excited for it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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