What I Learned This Weekend - 3rd Edition

Crazy how fast this past week has gone and for once this weekend was extremely lowkey, our only one for the whole month of December!!!

1. I have been exclusively nursing Avalynn for the past 10+ months, I've been having supply issues for a couple weeks and finally decided to supplement two feedings with formula.
2. This is ok!  I'm still happy as I'm still nursing her 3x's a day.
3. Avalynn is much happier to have a fuller tummy again!!!
4. I love the advent calendar I whipped up Saturday.
5. Emma was so excited to open our 1st one tonight (better late than never!).
6. Love making homemade Christmas presents.
7. I have a secret - my husband sews 60% of the big projects I do!
8. I love him for all of his skillz and am so glad he's there working on things with me!
9. Completed a t-shirt quilt for my cousin and a washer necklace for one of our sisters.
10. Realized am so glad my holiday shopping is done - I can't stand going out to the stores in December, people drive me nuts!
11. Thankful for my MIL taking Emma to the Shrine Christmas Kids' event this afternoon.
12. Snuggling under quilts, watching movies, while being hit with a cold is the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
13. Organizing makes me happy.
14. Am trying a new approach towards Emma.
15. It seems to make the days a little bit better and me much happier as I'm not so frustrated all the time.
16. Halls Harvest Peach Natural cough drops are so yummy, the honey inside feels good on my throat.
17.  I love hearing the excitement from Emma when we are driving around at night at all of the lights.


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Amber said...

Yay for a low key weekend - I know those are rare around here!

You'll have to fill me in on your approach to Emma. Audrey's younger, but I know I'll need that advice in time :)