What I Learned This Weekend - 4th Edition

I can't believe we are officially at T-minus 5 days until Christmas!!!  Here's how my weekend went down

1. Emma has a one track brain.
2. This drives me batty when she's focusing on something and I'm trying to tell and/or ask her to do or not to do something.
3. I love trying new recipes, cheese potato bake & choc chip dip were a hit!
4. It's annoying when I bring scooby snack graham crackers for a dip and everyone has to make a comment along the lines "Eww...dog treats, what do you think we are".
5. I promise you, those crackers are so yummy and the perfect size for dips!
6. We had 2 family Christmas celebrations this weekend, one Saturday & Sunday.
7. I love seeing our extended families, catching up, and watching the girls' get some special time with their 2nd cousins.
8. Holiday games get very competitive and extremely loud!
9. It's something you can always expect.
10. My girls' got one of the Hallmark recordable books from my Gramma.
11. This makes me so incredibly happy, as my Gramma is fighting cancer and each holiday is a blessing and am so glad that my girls' & I will always have this little treasure to share.
12. Shellac polish doesn't care for my nails.  Supposed to be no chipping for 2 weeks, I didn't even last 1 day!
13. We finally caught the mouse in our pantry tonight.
14. For the past couple weeks, couple nights a week we'd hear something rattling stuff in our pantry *can we say creepy* and the Hubs kept resetting the traps.  Tonight we finally got it!
15. There's nothing more exciting then coming home late Saturday night to see a package on our front steps.  Our 2nd attempt *as the 1st one, wasn't what was pictured = it not working and having to return it* at buying a new heating element for our oven was a success!
16.  I never realized how much I relied on my oven for somethings until I couldn't use it at all.
17. This makes me beyond happy as now Christmas morning breakfast can go off without a hitch!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend - I'm off to crash into bed.


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Amber said...

I'm with you on the oven - haven't had mine in over a week and won't get it for another 2, OY!

Would LOVE the cheese potato bake recipe. Oh, and chocolate chip dip?!?! Do tell!