Random Thoughts B4 Bed

- The weekend went fast and slow at the same time.
- I hate that the rain has ruined our plans the past two weekends!
- I have an extremely busy next two weeks ahead of me.
- I think I'm crazy for trying to cram 4 functions/events into this coming weekend?!
- I picked up more hours at work.
- I'm so glad that I get along with the ladies at work, it makes work not feel like work.
- Army Wives was good tonight.
- I'm becoming addicted to Grey's Anatomy.
- Dad R's 51st bday dinner was fun Saturday night.
- I like that Kristina and me have actually hung out this past week.
- The comedy show was great last Thursday.
- I definitely want to continue going to those type of things.
- I watched The Notebook for only the gazillionith time last night.
- Dinner was absolutely amazing tonight.
- Emma took her first "shower" tonight, we hooked up the kids attachment and she stood there, we had the curtain open.
- I uploaded the pictures to my computer, but not to photobucket, hopefully tomorrow.
- I can't wait for my dr's appt next Monday.
- I got the coolest kick ass-ist sweatshirt from my parent's from their vacation.
- They got Emma a 3T and it won't fit over her head. I'm deteremined to stretch it somehow.
- Emma is really starting to say "I love you".
- I love that she wakes me up in the mornings by saying "Mom" from her crib.
- I just spent an hour looking through people's blogs and all of the great crafty ideas women have.
- I think pigtails are coming back in style, I'm seeing them everywhere.
- I think I might wear mine up in pigtails tomorrow.
- My hair is getting long again, I think I'm just going to let it grow again.
- I really need to get my bum motivated in the weight loss department.
- I've started writing again and am in love with it.
- I've started my 2nd book by Jennifer Weiner The Guy Not Taken and it is 11 short stories, I'm looking forward to getting lost in a book again.
- I've been guilty of completely lurking on my sub-group's threads this weekend. And these women are very strong women who are wonderful mother's. I definitely look up to them and what some of them are dealing with right now.
- I need to get moving on my definitions swap.
- I'm getting excited thinking of Emma's new big girl room.
- I'm designing some wall art for her, I just need to pick the color theme already.


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Deann said...

I love reading all your random thoughts!