Nursery Art on the CHEAP

In baby girls room there is a wide horizontal stripe, I knew that I wanted to fill it with some art.  Michael's was having BOGO canvas, 2 came in a pack.  So, I got 4 canvases for $5.99, spool of ribbon $1.99, 4 sheets of scrapbooking paper $4.  Already had on hand foam brushes and mod podge.  Unfortunately - I forgot to take pics but it's super simple!  Total Cost = $12!


  • Cut scrapbook paper to size of canvas.  
  • Coat the canvas and back of paper with mod podge, smooth it onto the canvas. 
  • Measure ribbon to length to wrap around the edge with a little excess. 
  • Hot glue the ribbon around the edge, overlapping at the end. 
  • Hang & Enjoy! 

Here's the space I wanted the canvas to go. 

Here's close-ups before they were hung. 

Hung up on the wall. 

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