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We've lived in our house for 4 years this April.  Since January we've been re-vamping our 1st floor, remember when we tore up the carpets and re-finished the hardwood floors in the living room, here, and then in the past month we decided to repaint the bathroom, dining room, and semi-remodel and paint the kitchen. 

Here's the kitchen in all her glory when we bought the house, I had forgotten about the baby poop color they used for trim in the house.  And those hideous cabinets!!! And you can't forget the mismatched and uneven height counters. 

So, before we moved in we sanded them down, gave them a coat of white and new hardware.  And for some reason I was in this phase of light wall colors and super dark trim.  Yeah - now I'm like what was I thinking?! 

Last Tuesday we headed to Lowe's with some of our return money and were excited to revamp our kitchen.  New counters, beadboard for the backsplash, new sink, faucet, lighting, and I was getting a dishwasher - YAY for no more handwashing!!! 

Here's Hubby lifting out the tiled counter, man was this sucker heavy!  I helped Hubs carry it outside and  the previous owners had 4 layers of countertops and tiles on it.  So glad to see it gone! 

Reconfiguring the sink side took the longest.  For some reason there were two sets of hot and cold water pipes.  So he closed off one set of each and then had to move them over to the right, so the dishwasher could fit.

Finally on Sunday, Hubby finished all of the cosmetic stuff and it took us 3 days to finish painting.  Still need to get some fabric for the windows and some decor, but SO HAPPY with the finished outcome. 

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vanpeltium said...

great kitchen remodel! What kind of counter-top is that? Are you happy with it? If you can't tell, I'm hoping for new counters soon (fingers crossed!)