Starting Wed Edition - Operation Healthy Mom

Yesterday marked 8 weeks from having baby girl.  Wow - can't believe time has flown by that fast!!!  I've been thinking the past few days about getting serious about my weight loss.  Thankfully, I'm down to pre-pregnancy weight.  But I definitely have my fair share of weight to drop.  And needless to say, my eating the past 2 weeks has been crazy and I need to stop it now.

Every Wednesday I'm going to add in an exercise or lifestyle change and will share my progress from the previous week.  I don't have a specific # in my head of what I'd like to weigh, I just want to have a healthy BMI and where I feel good about myself.

This week I'm adopting the saying "Bite it, Write it" and also increasing my water intake.  I've gotten better with this since having baby girl because of nursing, but could def. drink some more.  I look forward to sharing my progress with you all.

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