Valentine’s Mantel

This year for Christmas, my parents bought the Hubs and I an electrical corner fireplace.  I was so excited to have this addition, not only to cut down on our oil bill, but for also having a new thing to decorate. 

The Hubs figured out a way to hang up my $5 yard sale Pottery Barn mirror, since corners are sort-of hard to decorate, but with our floor plan this was our only option. 

I didn’t buy anything new this year, shopped around my house and Valentine’s décor I got last year from the Dollar Tree and the Dollar spot at Target.  (Please excuse the wonky colors)

Vday Mantle

Have you gotten out your Valentine’s Décor yet?  Do you even decorate for Valentine’s?

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Amber - Binkertation said...

Looks super cute, Kat! I'm sooo impressed that you already have Valentine's decor and you have 3 kids - dang girl!

It IS on my list of things to do this weekend, but haven't done it yet. I don't even know where I keep all my self (note to self: organize better), but we will be decorating!

Myya said...

That looks great! I love fireplaces.