New Year + Birthday

One week ago today, I celebrated my 27th birthday.  Here in Pennsylvania, we have this thing called the Farm Show, approx. 400,000 people attend every year.  Normally, this is not our thing, but Oldest child came home from school the previous week (– begging us to go), and this is part what they learned about, along with farm animals.  So, since my birthday landed on one of the Hubs days off, we decided to take advantage and take the girls’ that morning.  Came home for a couple hours before I headed to a pedicure.  That evening the Hubs made a yummy dinner.  We all snuggled watching a movie together and had some homemade cinnamon sugar pretzel bites for dessert (thank you Pinterest).  It was a great day!  Here’s a couple pictures from the day.

On our way to the Farm Show.

My beautiful 3 girls and I – am SO blessed.

Shot of the yummy pretzel bites! Thank you Hubby!!!

As each year comes along I look forward to the New Year and my birthday being close together.  I get to reflect on the previous year and make new goals for myself. 

Here are the things I want to focus on this year -
1. My Marriage – I feel like I tend to lose myself in the daily things and the girls’.  This is becoming a top priority.  I want to bring more romance back into our lives, regular date nights, intimacy.  Make sure the Hubs knows he’s appreciated for all of his hard work, the amazing father he is, and a wonderful hubby. 

2. Parenting – I’ve been shifting the way I parent the girls’ and so far much better results, aka my sanity has somewhat returned! ;o)

3. Hobbies – I really want to work more on my sewing.  Learn to crochet.  Learn more about using my camera in Manual mode.

4. Savings – This past year I’ve had to really get good at making $1 stretch beyond $1.  I’ve taken up couponing and want to continue the great savings I’ve been able to give my family.

5. Myself – I tend to put myself last/forgotten on many aspects and this year I’m making myself a priority – top of the list is my health.

I look forward to seeing where the journey of my 27th year leads me & sharing it with each of you.

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Myya said...

Happy Birthday to you!

I love your list of things you want to do this year, what great goals to have. Isn't it so true that we let our kids overcome us sometimes, I definitely need to make more time for myself, my hubs & for us as a couple.